Hurricane High School

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Hurricane High School Memorials

The purpose of this page is to honor and remember alumni that have passed away.
Class OfNameDate of DeathCommentsFuzzies
2007Kathryn Roth7/6/201000
2005Michon Stratton Paddock12/8/201200
2005Cameron Shaw00
2005Orville Brownfield00
2003Samuel Nephi Duran7/6/200500
2002Travis Bowen Kerr10/31/201100
2002Julie A. Menser9/18/200001
2001Glenn James Harris10/17/200900
2001Juan (John) Rafael Navarro8/12/200600
2001Joel Robert Felton4/28/200000
1974Phyllis Englestead Richins11/3/200500
1973Greg Adair2/9/200901
1967JoAnn (Reeve) Rowland7/11/200501
1966Robert "Bob" Clark Bacon10/28/200500
1961Keith Nolan Langston11/30/200500
1961Susan Stratton Jensen9/29/200111
1954Nancy Lee5/23/201100
1952Raeola Imlay Connell9/10/201200
1952Franklin Benson Madsen4/4/201100
1952William Arch Beatty10/3/200500
1950Claude Dean Dillard5/3/201200
1950Dorothy Janet Lamb Ruesch11/16/201000
1949Gilbert Reeve11/20/201000
1946Marvin Devon Terry9/20/201200
1945Mary Katherine Langston3/13/201000
1942Willard Giles Humphries10/1/200500
1935Antone W. Hinton7/3/200500
1932Udella Spendlove Webb10/15/200500
1930Violet Spendlove Wood12/6/200500
1929Ione Woodbury Bradshaw8/27/200500
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