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Mary Katherine Langston - 3/13/2010

Class of 1945

Mary Katherine Langston, age 83, passed away peacefully March 13, 2010 in the place of her birth, Hurricane, Utah. She is survived by her six children – Kerry and Darleen Langston (South Jordan), Craig and Ilene Langston (Cedar City), Kent and Jill Langston (Saratoga Springs), Brad and Lecia Langston (Toquerville), Todd and Janelle Langston (Hurricane) and Gordon and LuAnn Dotson (Hurricane), 30 grandchildren and 31 great grandchildren.

Mary was born Nov. 9, 1926. Her father was Franklin Theodore Reber (born April 14, 1887 to Samuel Reber and Katherine Graff Reber) and her mother was Alice Wittwer Reber (born March 2, 1890 to Samuel Wittwer and Mary Gubler Wittwer) - both were born in Santa Clara, Utah. Just 13 days before turning eleven, Mary’s mother, Alice, died of cancer so Mary, being the oldest daughter still at home, took over the household – cleaning, cooking, and caring for her younger sister, two older brothers and her papa, Frank. Her two older sisters, Donna and Rae had already married so these duties fell upon Mary, and she assumed them willingly for five years – until Frank married Flora Tweedie. Maybe it was during this time that Mary learned to serve so well.

From the fall of 1941 through the spring of 1945, Mary attended Hurricane High School where she was a class officer both her Sophomore and Junior years. While a senior she served on the paper and yearbook staff. But it was during her sophomore year that she fell for a handsome young classmate, Robert J Langston. They were sweethearts throughout high school and just 11 days after graduation, married in the St. George temple on May 22, 1945. Only three days later, Robert was sworn into the US Armed Services after which he served in WWII until Oct. 10, 1946. While Robert was in the military, Mary worked in Salt Lake City.

Upon Robert’s return, Mary and Robert set up house keeping in Pipe Valley on a dry farm where their first two children, Kerry and Craig, were born in 1947 and 1948 respectively. When Mary’s father died a few years later, they moved into his home in Hurricane. There two more sons were born, Kent in 1951 and Brad in 1955. Mary next bore twins, Rulon and Scott, on Feb. 16, 1956 but Rulon died just 45 minutes after birth. Scott lived a year and a half but then he died of congestive heart failure. Losing the twins was very hard on Mary and Robert, but soon their tears of sorrow were replaced with tears of joy as Mary bore another son, Todd, in 1961. Then on Oct. 17, 1962, Mary and Robert were finally blessed with a daughter, LuAnn, and their family was complete.

As an adult, Mary’s most distinguishing characteristic is that of being a totally devoted wife and mother. At this she was superb with few equals. Her children all attest to that. All her children remember how mom would stay home during Sunday School so she could prepare the most mouth watering feasts you can imagine for her growing family. She never criticized or got mad; she only knew how to love and care. And this she did throughout her life. Another of her most noble characteristics is that of home maker – the art of building and beautifying a home. Not only did she grace her home with her own beauty and charm, but she also kept it neat as a pin and beautiful. I don’t think there’s a much higher accomplishment for a woman than to be a loving and devoted wife and mother, but besides this, Mary was also a very faithful member of the LDS faith. Throughout her life she served in many capacities – personally touching and changing lives for the better. Besides serving faithfully in the church, Mary provided ongoing support for her husband in his many endeavors: ranching, beautifying Hurricane, preserving Hurricane’s pioneer heritage, and more. In recognition of both Mary and Robert’s contributions to Hurricane, they were honored in 2004 as the Grand Marshals of the Peach Days Parade.

Mom, your sons and daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren love you so much and want you to know how much they will always cherish the great name and noble heritage you left them. Thank you!
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