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Juan (John) Rafael Navarro - 8/12/2006

Class of 2001

In Loving Memory of
Juan Rafael Navarro "Johnny"
September 27, 1982 - August 12, 2006

My dear son, brother, grandson, nephew, husband, father and friend to so many,
Our lives have changed in ways we could never imagine when you left us one year ago to heal, to become whole again, be at peace, and live in God's eternal light...

You touched more lives than you could ever know,
With your brilliant smile-bright as a new fallen snow.
Your deep brown eyes so incredibly wise,
You taught us more than we could ever surmise.
About what is truly important, what truly mattered,
You touched us all, yet left our hearts shattered.
You were a blessing-a gift from God,
With wisdom and knowledge from here and abroad.
We live in a world at times dismal and hateful,
Yet, for the gifts you bestowed upon us all,
We shall remain forever grateful.
You often said you were a wise old soul,
Apparently aware of your Earthly goal.
To share the message from up above,
Of our purpose here-to share God's love.
There are no tangible items here on Earth,
That could ever be as special as your birth.
No home, no jewels, no pieces of art,
Will ever be as precious as the footprints you've left on our hearts.
Until we are joined together again in our final resting place,
Please know your leaving left a void-an incredibly empty space.
We strive to fill it with warm memories and thoughts of you,
And realize they are more vivid than a rainbow's hue.
Your courage, strength affected more lives than you'll ever know,
As the gifts you left behind continue to grow.
In our hearts, you will always be number one!
You shall remain forever in our thoughts,
With the purest of love filling our hearts.

You remain ours forever and always, John!

Our deepest and most genuine love,
Mom, Lalo, Moses, Shelda,
Shelly, family and friends.
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