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Samuel Nephi Duran - 7/6/2005

Class of 2003

Samuel Nephi Duran, 19, Passed away in Hurricane, Utah, July 6, 2005, due to an automobile accident.

He was born July 7, 1985 in Grand Prairie, Texas, to Samuel Duran Jr. and Maria Esther Heredia Duran. He was raised in South Texas along the Rio Grande Valley until the age of 16. "Nephi," as his
family knew him, attended Hurricane High school. He was working at Orgill.

He enjoyed being around family and friends. Nephi loved art and was very talented in drawing. He was a deep thinker and wrote poems. Nephi was very kind and considerate towards his siblings. Nephi was entering a time in life when he was beginning to recognize many of his youthful weaknesses and had made great effort and progress to overcome them. He showed his parents and siblings how much he loved them. He was always gentle and kind with everyone he met. There are many persons that when they met him and most especially, when they got the opportunity to know him well recognized his great strengths and talents. Nephi was an adventurous spirit who delighted in exploring life and getting to know people. He had a way of charming his way into your heart. This was done most naturally, as this was his true nature. He was planning to marry with Jacy Elizabeth Edwards in November. Nephi will be missed most profoundly.

He is survived by his parents, Samuel and Esther Duran, Sisters, Anna Lisa, age 17, Alba Esther age 16, Sariah Asenath, age 11, Brothers Ernesto Mahonri Morriancummer, age 14, David Joseph age 12. He is preceded in Death by his grandfather, Samuel Duran Sr.

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