Skyline High School

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Skyline High School Memorials

The purpose of this page is to honor and remember alumni that have passed away.
Class OfNameDate of DeathCommentsFuzzies
2014Hannah Rose Orton7/27/201100
2007Christopher Michael Nielsen II6/2/201000
2000Darren R. Duckworth8/3/201000
1999Liezle Broadhead9/30/201601
1998Tiffany Wise 2/14/201600
1976Mark J. Riter9/15/201000
1971Val Patterson7/10/201200
1971Kim Duncan Dunn5/15/201100
1970John Stolen1/4/201100
1966Kathleen Linebaugh Bradley6/23/201100
1965Patrick L Nigh3/20/201100
1964Gregory Jay Rogers6/15/201100
1964Diane Knudsen Chamberlain9/2/201000
1963James H. Wolcott10/10/201000
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