Parowan High School

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Parowan High School Memorials

The purpose of this page is to honor and remember alumni that have passed away.
Class OfNameDate of DeathCommentsFuzzies
1995"Paully" Robert Paul Folks4/27/201000
1978Lorie Riley3/10/200700
1957Joseph Robinson Lamoreaux5/11/201000
1955Norma Hodean Orton2/16/201000
1953Sara Joy Bayles Imlay10/28/200900
1946Bobbie Mickelson Stubbs10/27/200900
1946John Y. Swenson1/1/200800
1942Samuel James Whitney, Jr. 12/18/201000
1941Kenneth Benson Mitchell 4/24/201000
1935Sam Pynor Pritchard10/28/200500
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