Beaver High School

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Beaver High School Memorials

The purpose of this page is to honor and remember alumni that have passed away.
Class OfNameDate of DeathCommentsFuzzies
2005Trevor Winfield Bradshaw11/22/200900
1980Leslie Lee Bradshaw5/2/201100
1969Karla Jean Boyter Harris9/18/201100
1965Diane Rose Stewart Jensen3/25/201100
1959Iretta Mae Hutchings McMullin6/10/201000
1957Sally Myers Smith4/6/200900
1955Henry Clark Bradshaw2/4/201100
1954Ranee Bradfield Smith12/17/200500
1951Joyce McQuarrie Joseph1/21/201000
1950Ross Hal Smith4/3/201100
1949Dan Farnsworth Joseph11/3/201100
1940Lucille Paice Strong2/8/201000
1937Maxine Puffer Edwards9/8/201400
1937Emma Burke Hair10/12/200500
1937Mildred Mackerell Draper7/10/200500
1936Thelma Atkin Holyoak Barber5/28/201000
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