Tooele High School

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Tooele High School Memorials

The purpose of this page is to honor and remember alumni that have passed away.
Class OfNameDate of DeathCommentsFuzzies
1996Nathan Davis1/22/201102
1996David G Parry12/12/201002
1996Joshua Johnson9/15/200702
1996Jerry Mondragon7/15/200601
1996Loren Tabor8/30/200101
1996Jenny Prier7/28/199800
1996Jeremy (JJ) Anaya11/16/199501
1996Becky Booth4/10/199402
1996Rocky Carson4/10/199412
1996Sara Huska5/29/199301
1996Rick Roberts00
1996Jodie Onley/Fish00
1996Chris Close00
1996Martin Rubow00
1994Taunya Haag9/13/200111
1981Chris Nash00
1952Thomas R. Adams1/20/201200
1948James Rex Kirk5/16/201300
1947Dorothy Gayle Kirk (Judd)12/24/201700
1928Neva Kirk1/12/200700
1925James Rex Kirk8/11/199000
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