Hillcrest High School

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Hillcrest Events
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DateEvent NameCategory
2/2/2018Hillcrest  VS Granger   Varsity
Girls Basketball
2/2/2018Granger  VS Hillcrest   Varsity
Boys Basketball
2/6/2018Hunter  VS Hillcrest   Varsity
Girls Basketball
2/6/2018Hillcrest  VS Hunter   Varsity
Boys Basketball
2/13/2018Hillcrest  VS Kearns   Varsity
Girls Basketball
2/13/2018Kearns  VS Hillcrest   Varsity
Boys Basketball
2/15/2018Cyprus  VS Hillcrest   Varsity
Girls Basketball
2/15/2018Hillcrest  VS Cyprus   Varsity
Boys Basketball
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2/20/2018Hillcrest  VS Granger   Varsity
Boys Basketball