Montezuma-Cortez High School

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Staff Spotlight - Mr. Kelly

Mr. KellyMr.Kelly, the “cool” teacher, is the teacher that understands teens. He found his way to Cortez looking for work after spending his childhood in Oak Lawn, Illinois. After receiving a degree in Poly Sci degree at the University of Illinois, he moved to Chicago. Later he received a mathematics degree at Governors State University. Mr. Kelly teaches Pre-Algebra and Geometry. Mr. Kelly said, “I like to teach both of these classes because I get to help give students a basic foundation for math.” He says working at M-CHS, though it can be a challenge, is worthwhile. Sequoyah Treadwell, a senior in Mr. Kelly’s math class, complemented Mr. Kelly on his teaching style. “I like Mr. Kelly. I think he has a different method of teaching, and it works.” Many students feel the same, and M-CHS is happy to have an excellent teacher like Mr. Kelly. 

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